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Thor™ VX8 Vehicle-Mounted Computer

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Thor™ VX8 Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Thor™ VX8 Vehicle-Mounted Computer

vx8_01_largeIn the dynamic environment faced by the modern enterprise, accurate, real-time data is critical. With this in mind, many enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployments are looking to integrate every possible datapoint, including the warehouse floor, and the forklifts rolling on that floor during a shift. Vehicle-mounted computers operating in this environment require the enterprise-level computing power needed to handle robust applications and ERP systems without slowing the operator down.

  • Field Proven Reliability: Minimizes downtime and maintenance cost with a magnesium case and ruggedness test specifications; dominates the Microsoft® Windows® 7/XP rugged vehicle market with proven reliability in countless rugged vehicle applications
  • Powerful: Maximizes productivity with Intel Core 2 Duo and Atom processors; minimizes the wait when GUI screens refresh
  • 802.11n WLAN and 3.5G WWAN Radios: Enhances productivity with an extensive range of communications capabilities

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