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Avaya Fabric Connect

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Avaya Fabric Connect

Avaya Fabric Connect


The Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (VENA) Fabric Connect solution enhances productivity by optimizing the way that networks are deployed, implemented, operated and maintained. Liberating the business from the topology constraints of rival solutions and alternative technologies, Fabric Connect empowers versatile placement of networking components and interconnections; optimized end-to-end connectivity is automatically and instantaneously calculated – and similarly recalculated during planned or unplanned topology changes.

Key Features:

  • Edge-only provisioning
  • Layer 2 network virtualization supporting traffic isolation and automated network configuration for VM mobility
  • Layer 3 network virtualization for enhanced traffic isolation
  • Equal cost Layer 2 multi-pathing for optimized North-South and East-West traffic flows together with active-active connectivity for dual-attached servers
  • Protocol simplification via the use of IS-IS for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 control planes

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