shutterstock_88885256-205x300For library services, there are significant numbers of in/out records of books needed to manage every day. For physical assets, it is difficult to control and identify ever-growing asset in complex environments. Moreover, the control of the attendance of every student is the most important factor today because of security and safety reasons.

Technology is the key enabler to manage daily operations accurately and efficiently. With the use of RFID based solutions, it is not only to reinforce overall security levels in campus environments, but also to help facilitate self check-in/out services to speed up borrowing and return procedures for patrons, as well as reduce time to conduct a complete physical inventory count for effective library management.

In addition, all critical assets can be instantly located via the real-time positioning platform for better visibility and management of physical assets. Attendance Tracking Solution based on RFID technologies provide not only a better transparency but also offer a high level of security.

RFID Products

  • Library Solutions
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Security
  • Real Time Location Tracking