183797709_detailUtilities industry covers a wide range of public services including supply of electricity, gas and water to both residential and commercial users. Today, aging infrastructure and workforce, thin profit margins and open market are crucial factors for the industry to substantially invest and operate with large scale infrastructure.

Companies need to continuously maintain strong competitive advantage in the market and adapt to the constant change in economic, social, governmental and environmental pressures in order to survive.

Field Service and Workforce Mobility Solutions empower utility companies to coordinate job assignments among various functional teams with integrated planning, scheduling, dispatching and reporting features. By transforming typical paper-based processes into computer-based system, all well-planned work orders can be wirelessly dispatched to field workers to increase responsiveness. The end-to-end solutions enable remote field workers to get real-time information to process work orders so as to improve productivity, service reliability as well as plant safety.


  • Asset Management System
  • Field Service and Workforce Mobility