Mobile Point-of-Care

Simplify typical operation procedures and reinforce patient care with the mission critical solutions

sb10067551f-001Accurately and rapidly identifying a patient and gaining access to the essential information are crucial to a prompt diagnosis, and sometimes life saving. Above all, slightly medication overdose would lead to life threatening of patients. Medical staff is working in high stress and data-intensive environments every day.

Mobile Point-of-Care Solutions help effectively identify patients to link them to obtain different points of treatments accurately as well as schedule nursing tasks and interventions. By leveraging mobile computing and wireless technologies, the barcode-enabled solutions facilitates the workflows of Medication Administration, Bedside Specimen Collection and Blood Transfusion Verification. Medical staff can simply scan patient’s wristband at the bedside to verify the patient identity and check against the medication, specimen samples, blood samples, administration time and dosage loaded from the central Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) on real-time, ensuring the right patient received the right treatment, with the right dose and at the right time.

As a result, the intelligent and reliable solutions deliver measurable performance through increasing patient safety, reducing risk of medical errors as well as improving nursing productivity for clinic management.