Mobile Point-of-Sales (POS)

Shorten queuing time and enhance interactions with customers to increase sales

Mobile-Point-Of-Sales-POScMobile Point-Of-Sales (M-POS) Solution provides flexibility for retailers to engage customers and conduct transaction anywhere within the store. It increases interactions between customers and sales in order to drive incremental revenue and increase productivity in today’s fast pace retail environment.

Integrated with barcode scanning, signature capturing, mobile computing, wireless printing and wireless infrastructure, the time saving solution extended comprehensive Point-of-Sales (POS) functionalities into a mobile device. Therefore, no further user training required owing to the same business process flows as POS along with the intuitive user interface.

The queue busting feature facilitates convenient and secure mobile payment processing, and on the spot receipt printing to improve the efficiency of transaction processes. The precise product lookup feature provides instant price information, current stock quantity and product images. More importantly, the scalable system architecture and cross-platform compatible design of our M-POS, retailers can benefit from greater device flexibility.

The mobile solution not only shortens the waiting times for customers at checkout during peak hours but also enhances customer shopping experience and loyalty.