Asset Management Solution

Deliver accurate inventory and effective management of critical assets with minimal operation costs

Asset-ManagementEnterprises face challenges in managing their critical assets effectively. Various types of asset such as laptops, hardware computers, audio-visual instruments, tables and chairs are moving around in workplace without control and monitoring every day. Lost, misplacement, sat idle or underused of assets may result in a considerable amount of money for enterprises. Practically, it is time consuming and resource demanding to search and maintain asset inventory.

Our unique Asset Management Solution supports both barcode and RFID data capture technologies which is able to track the critical assets accurately and eliminate paper-based work to keep update records electronically. It facilities the process of managing the asset life cycle from purchase, repair, maintenance to disposal. User can retrieve precise and timely information such as asset location, movement history and utilization via a centralized portal application. In addition, significant reduce inventory time can be proven owing to no line-of-sight RFID data capturing technology. The rule-based system design enables enterprises to create their own regulations and processes to prevent and alert of any unauthorized access to the critical assets.

Overall asset visibility should be greatly increased and enterprises can benefit from reducing time and resources to track and locate any misplaced or lost of assets.