Mobile Proof-of-Delivery (MPOD)

Ensure accurate shipment delivery and reduce heavy paper-based administrative workload

170998523_detailMobile Proof-of-Delivery (M-POD) Solution provides end-to-end visibility of all phases of the delivery cycle on real-time basis – from point of dispatch to point of delivery. By leveraging wireless infrastructure, shippers, consignees and dispatch crew can retrieve the shipment status from the real-time centralized information platform.

The solution ensures accurate shipment delivery by quickly scan the barcodes of shipment items and using GPS to verify and confirm the delivery locations automatically. Delivery date, time and consignee’s signature of the shipment can be dynamically recorded in a mobile computer and updated to the backend system. The electronic signature capturing function enables real-time delivery confirmation for every single consignment and reduces heavy paper-based administrative work.

Workforce productivity can also be increased. The real-time job dispatching and route scheduling functions provide the optimal path at every stop and assign the ad-hoc work activities to the closest available vehicles resulting in maximizing fleet utilization and minimizing the use of fuel.